Money & Power Saving Tips

As it gets colder and darker in British Columbia we’ve gathered some no-cost power tips from BC Hydro to help save you money on your electricity bills this Fall.


  • Lower the temperature in your home and put on a sweater to compensate for the change
  • Unplug unused electronics (they can account for 10% of your annual electricity use)
  • Take shorter showers
  • Keep your fridge and freezer at their ideal temperature (for your fridge this is between 2°C and 3°C and your freezer should be at -18°C)


  • Throw a dry towel into your dryer with your wet clothes to reduce your drying time
  • Clean your lint filter so your dryer doesn’t have to work so hard
  • If your dryer has one, use the moisture sensor drying option so it automatically shuts off when your clothes are dry
  • Avoid multiple cycles and try to combine household laundry
  • Whenever possible, wash your laundry in cold water
  • Hang dry your laundry


  • Instead of ceiling lights, use table lamps, track lighting, and under-counter lighting (plus the ambiance is better that way)
  • Switch to LED
  • Use natural light by opening your blinds and curtains
  • Remember to turn off lights you’re not using or not home

Do It Yourself projects

Along with no-cost tips, BC Hydro also has a list of DIY projects to help you improve the efficiency of your home. Read the full list here. Here are some examples of ways to save with DIY projects at home:

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