Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping

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So you’ve got a bookkeeping issue??!! Your business is starting to grow to the point where bookkeeping is taking more time than expected. The question remains: How do you go about hiring the right person to help you with your finances? You are not looking for a CPA who is going to structure your entities and give tax advice, but rather a bookkeeper who can make accurate QuickBooks entries and scan receipts. For small businesses owners, outsourcing your bookkeeping can be beneficial to your business. If you are having trouble with managing your books, keep on reading! We compiled three simple reasons why outsourcing your booking is the way to go.


  1. Save Money


Hiring an in house bookkeeper comes with either a full or part time salary. In addition, you have to pay payroll taxes on their salary. If you hire someone full time, you mostly likely will have to offer benefits as well. You can avoid these costs by outsourcing..  

  1. Save on Taxes and Accounting Fees

Hiring an experienced bookkeeper will ensure your books are organized and up to date. Organization of your account can guarantee all deductible expenses are accounted for. This can significantly reduce your tax burden! If you can find a bookkeeper that will also do your business and personal taxes, then that is an added bonus. Check out Jenn Green at http://bookmindersfv.ca/

  1. Save Time

This one is pretty obvious. Most small business owners are not accounting experts. It may take you many hours a month trying to keep track of receipts, expenses, payroll and more.  Professional bookkeepers can do these tasks more accurately and efficiently. Turning it over to a professional can free your time to do other related tasks or allows you to allot more time to growing your business!

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